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Details from "Bicycle" (right)



Created on traditional stretcher frames, “Bicycle” is based on an original photograph of a Japanese Maid advertising the Maid Cafe to passers by. Maid Cafes originated in Tokyo's Akihabara district in 2001 as a place where men, with an interest in the visual sexuality of anime pop culture, could purchase and interact with beautiful young women dressed in anime fashion. As the Cafes became more popular, the diversity of it's clientele came to include women, couples and tourists. In the painting, the wheels of the bicycle remind of the yin yang that goes in a circle but must also move forward to reach it's never ending destination. Subsequently, the interdependent Yin and Yang do not exist without each other. As in the house of cards, the Queen of Hearts can not be without her challenger the 10 of Spades.