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"Lineage: A Tudor Story"

"Lineage-A Tudor Story" plays on a historical narrative based on original paintings by Hans Holbein and anonymous court painters of the Renaissance Royal Family. The narrative or dialogue that is created with the positioning of the works in the space places the players of the Royal family into a space for a silent dialogue. The viewer may feel the power of history and how it presupposes violence, gender issues and the human condition in contemporary times.

Formally, parts of the work are intricately painted while other sections might be left with just a line drawing. Some subjects are recognizable and “normal” in appearance, while others are indistinct and mutated. Sometimes the canvas is flat and conventional, while other times it is molded with sculpted fabric and panel. Paintings are hung off-center, and swaths of canvas are left unstretched. Taken together, these techniques create a tension between the finished and the unfinished and create suggestions of movement and space meant to transcend the media.

  queen   youngpony  
"Queen Takes Knight"
"Young Pony-Prince Edward"
Details from "Golden Egg" (above and right)
"Anne and Mary"